On Tuesday February 10, 2009 a presentation will be made to Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Council describing the program and the experience to date.


  • the cost of the trial project has been $ 2,550, or < $ 200 per crosswalk 
  • theft, while initially high, has since stabilized (over the past eight weeks) at only 2 flags missing per week, or < 0.3 flags per day
  • survey input was very positive with respect to the flags being noticed, agreement to expand the program throughout HRM, and a willingness to pay a small (< $1 per residence per year) increased tax to support an expansion
  • there is evidence / feedback that vehicles do stop more frequently and more timely when the flags are used
  • feedback was received that drivers are more aware of the upcoming crosswalk due to the brightly coloured flags, especially because they are at eye level

Request of Council

It is understood that prior to any consideration of expanding the program the flags need to be approved by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) and the Province of Nova Scotia as a traffic control device.  We are requesting that applications be made to have the flags so approved.

Full Report

Please open the attached Word document for the full Report.

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