... be Cautious ... be Seen ... be Safe


Safety Tips



When you cross the street you are encouraged to take a flag and wave it to help make you more visible, and then deposit the flag in the bucket on the other side.  If you don't see any flags in the bucket on the other side take a few in order to distribute them to both sides.

Tips for 'Flag Waving' Pedestrians

  • before stepping off the curb point to the other side of the street while waving the flag.
  • make eye contact with the driver and step out only when you are sure the driver has stopped.
  • never proceed beyond a stopped vehicle unless you are absolutely sure any vehicle in the next lane has also stopped.  Make eye contact with that driver.  Move carefully in front of the new vehicle only when it is stopped.  Continue to wave the flag while crossing.
  • acknowledge the driver for having stopped with a wave of your flag, a smile, and/or a nod.


As a driver you will now see pedestrians with flags that will help make them more visible.

Tips for 'Flagged Down' Drivers

  • drive within the speed limit and keep well behind vehicles in front of you, so you can easily stop for pedestrians
  • watch street edges and sidewalks carefully for pedestrians.  When you see someone ready to cross, apply your brakes early and gently so the vehicle behind you can stop as well.
  • always assume a pedestrian is crossing the street whenever a driver in front of you, or in the lane next to you, slows down or stops.  Never pass a slowed or stopped vehicle unless you are absolutely sure no one is crossing the road.
  • stop for a pedestrian at least one car length short of the crosswalk so vehicles behind you and the pedestrian can easily see each other.

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