Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastruture Renewal (TIR) approve crosswalk flag programs on provincially-owned roads.

The Village of Port Williams, Nova Scotia implements a crosswalk flag program.

The Villages of Canning, Nova Scotia and Bible Hill, Nova Scotia both express interest in launching crosswalk flag programs.

Two HRM Community Council unanimously pass motions in support of crosswalk flags.

Nova Scotia Power and Bell Aliant re-confirm their support of crosswalk flags.

Further detail on each of these developments is provided below.

 Nova Scotia approves crosswalk flag programs on provincially-owned roads

David Darrow, the Deputy Minister of TIR wrote in response to Andrew Younger, MLA

"I can confirm that ... I did request and received a legal opinion on this issue ... I can tell you it has not precipitated a change in the Department's position on the topic. That is to say, the Department has no objections to crosswalk flags being used by pedestrians wishing to cross crosswalks on provincially-owned roads"

Port Williams implements a crosswalk flag program

We approached the Village of Port Williams with an offer of our buckets and flags should they be interested in implementing a crosswalk flag program.  The Village Commission was very receptive, and with the confirmation of the Deputy Minister launched what is to the best of our knowlege the first community-wide crosswalk flag program in Canada at the Village's seven crosswalks on March 15, 2011.

The program has been well received.  Shortly after implementation Mr. Darrow, the Deputy Minister wrote:

“I drove through Port Williams early this morning.  While it was too early for anyone to be out and about and using the flags, it occurred to me the very presence of the flags in their holders was a good reminder to motorists to slow down.  Kudos to the Village.”


Lewis Benedict, chairman of the Village observed he has noticed drivers are slowing down and using more caution because of the flags.  Mr. Benedict says:


"I see young, old, middle aged, everybody's using (the flags)"  "Everybody I've talked to, they figure if it's going to help save a life, it's worth doing."


Media coverage was provided by both the Chronicle Herald and the Kings County News. 

Villages of Cannning, Nova Scotia and Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

Recently we have been contacted by both the villages of Canning and Bible Hill, each of whom are interested in implementing a crosswalk flag program in their community.  The first request was received from the Village of Canning:

"Good morning.  Please send me whatever info you have regarding the sidewalk flagging system you installed in Port Williams.  The Canning Village Commission is looking at the possibility of installing systems at maybe four sites.  Please send along any input you have regarding this system, with hints as to what type of flags are best, size of canisters etc.

Thanks so much, Ruth Pearson."

We have since met with Ms. Pearson and are optimistic The Village of Canning will proceed with a program.

Shortly thereafter, the Village of Bible Hill wrote

"I received your email from the Village of Port Willams about the crosswalk flag program.  This program has been brought up during our Recreation committee meeting as our Commission (for Recreation) has seen the flags in Florida.  I was sent a brochure for the Waverley Road Crosswalk Flag Program but I was hoping you could give some more information and possible cost to have the flags put in. 

Thank you, Brendon Smithson"

Although we have yet to meet, we have had a discussion with Mr. Smithson, providing him with information on the history and costs of the program.

HRM Marine Drive, Valley and Canal and North West Community Councils

Each of these community councils recently considered and unanimously passed the following motion:

"That the _____________ Community Council recommends to HRM Regional Council

1.   that HRM not object to local community groups/organizations installing, maintaining and using corsswalk flags at marked crosswalks or at traditionals site sof significant pedestrian crossign within their community, provided,

2.   there will be no cost implications to HRM, with the exception of Councillor funds.

While it is too soon to be optimistic of crosswalk flags returning to HRM the strong/unanimous support of each of these Community Councils is indicitave of the value many see in crosswalk flags.

Nova Scotia Power (and Bell Aliant) re-confirm support

Where a number of buckets have been and will be placed on Nova Scotia Power and Bell Aliant poles we contacted Nova Scotia Power to ensure approval of placing the buckets on their poles where necessary.  We are pleased to have received the following response:

"Nova Scotia Power (and Bell Aliant) will continue to support this (the crosswalk flag program) as stated in the July 2008 letter"