Crosswalk Flag Petition

The Waverley Road Crosswalk Flag group is circulating a petition to present input to the provincial government of the public's view of crosswalk flags.

HRM Traffic Authority directed the removal of the flags based on their view the flags create a "false sense of security" for a pedestrian.  Having asked, we have been provided no data or resarch to support what is nothing more than a theory.  Furthermovre, even if the theory was valid, which there is no evidence to indicate, the traffic authority would be compelled to remove all overhead lighting, all crosswalk markings, all crosswalk signs, and in effect all marked crosswalks.  It is ironic the same HRM Traffic Authorrity recommends pedestrians wear "bright clothing for daytime ... reflective clothing for low-light or night time conditions" yet when our group provides a bright orange flag with reflective tape it is considered dangerous.  We believe anything that improves the visibility of pedestrians and crosswalk is a good thing.

The petition reads

"I the undersigned have either experienced or are aware of the Waverley Road Crosswalk Flag program.  I believe crosswalk flags are an effective means of improving crosswalk safety.  I believe crosswalk flags improve the visibility of crosswalks and the visibility of pedestrians when used, thereby increasing the likelihood a driver will see a pedestrian and yield the right of way to that pedestrian.

I believe the Nova Scotia Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, the Honourable Bill Estabrooks should either use his existing power of the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act, or alternatively amend legislation to provide the Minister the power to direct district traffic authorities to recognize and allow the use of crosswalk flags along Waverley Road, Dartrmouth and elsewhere in Nova Scotia."

Petitions are available at a number of businesses along Waverley Road. 

Below is a file that can be printed for signatures.  Forms can be dropped off or mailed to 326B Waverley Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2X 2E3.

Thank you for your consideration.

Waverley Road Crosswalk Flags

... be Cautious ... be Seen ... be Safe


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