Costs and Suppliers


The beauty of the program is that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to implement.


Although there are local suppliers the flags were ordered from Safety Flag Company, located in Central Falls, Rhode Island (401-722-0900) at 40 % less.  We ordered 400 flags.  Ask for Lori.  Although the posted price was $1.93, at this volume they were provided at $1.65 per unit.  With shipping, duty, brokerage fees and exchange the unit cost was $3.08.


The buckets were constructed by a tech-ed teacher at a local school.  They are made of 4" PVC pipe with a cap at the bottom.  Holes are drilled in the cap to allow rain to pass through.  The buckets are then clamped to the poles.

Reflective Tape

Each flag has a strip of reflective tape on both the front and the back.  150 ft rolls of 1" white reflective tape can be obtained from Sojurn Enterprises at $63 per roll plus HST.  Contact Meghan Dodsworth-MacDougall at (902) 468-6892 ext. 225.


A brochure was produced and distributed to 2,300 residences in the neighbourhood, to both to create awareness of the program and to remind residents to be cautious, to be seen, to be safe when either crossing the road or driving by a crosswalk.  A copy of the brochure can be obtained by emailing 

Photocopying and folding the brochure were provided by HRM through Councillor Andrew Younger at no cost.

Delivery of 'unaddressed admail' is 11.2 cents per item plus HST.  Delivery can be isolated to 'letter carrier route', maps of which are available on the Canada Post website.

Total Costs

The total costs for 400 flags was just under $2,200.  This cost was covered by the generous support of local businesses (see Adopt-A-Crosswalk page) and Councillor Andrew Younger.



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