The Waverley Road 

Crosswalk Flag Program


October 2014:  in the summer of 2014 Halifax Traffic reversed

their position and will allow the re-installation of crosswalk flags. 

Crosswalk flags were subsequently reinstalled at 11 crosswalks

along or near Waverley Road as well as one location in Halifax.

A new web site has been developed

providing details on the community safety program along with

contact information should you or your community wish

a crosswalk flag program in your community.

Please visit this new website.


At the request of HRM Traffic the program

was cancelled July 31, 2009

See 'Why the program is being cancelled' tab.

We continue to strive to revive the program, and to that end are circulating a petition. 

 Please see the 'Petition' tab.

" Hello, I want you to know how pleased I am with the new Waverley Road Crosswalk Flag Program.

I am both a driver and a pedestrian. When I am driving the bright flags quickly draw my attention to crosswalks. When I'm walking and using a flag I feel safer because I know I am more visible.
Thank you very much,
Lee Belyea"
"I would like to commend you for the Waverley Road Crosswalk Flag Program.
I cannot recall having seen a more simple and affordable idea have such a positive impact on pedestrian safety.
Hopefully the program will be expanded to other areas of Halifax and Nova Scotia.
Peter Bugden"
The Waverley Road Crosswalk Flag program is a grassroots initiative implemented as one measure to improve crosswalk safety in a neighbourhood of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
... be Cautious ... be Seen ... be Safe






Initially a request was made to replace the black on white crosswalk signs with larger neon green signs in order to improve the visibility to drivers of crosswalks.  However the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act is specific with respect to the design and colouring of crosswalk signage.  HRM therefore, rightly, disallowed the replacement of the signs. 

Some time later Brian Slaunwhite, a community resident, while in Salt Lake City observed a crosswalk flag program in operation.   This generated some research that revealed a number of cities and towns in the U.S. where crosswalk flag programs were active.  The two largest we are aware of are Salt Lake City and Seattle, although we have come across perhaps a dozen others.

With these examples Councillor Younger was approached with the idea.  Supportive, he forwarded a request to the Traffic & Right of Way Department who replied

"If you remain determined to proceed, entirely at your own cost, with a trial installation of flags in buckets at some of the crosswalks along Waverley Road ... we will take no action to remove the buckets or flags unless legitimate complaints of safety are received"

And determined we were.  Thanks to the support of a number of area businesses - see the Adopt-a-Crosswalk page - the program was implemented in August 2008.  To the best of our knowledge this is the first such program in Canada.



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