The 'Adopt-a-Crosswalk' Program


In order to support the financing of the crosswalk flags the Waverley Road Crosswalk Flag program has implemented an 'Adopt-a-Crosswalk' opportunity.

Local businesses were provided the option of providing direct financial support or adopting a crosswalk.  For a $100 contribution the business is responsible for periodically checking their crosswalk to ensure there are a supply of flags.

Supporters of the program, either direct or through an 'adoption' are: 


A.R.T.S Trophy House

Collins Financial Consulting

Collision Repair Association of NS

Conrad Brothers


J&W Whebby Enterprises

Independence Beauty Centre

Kaleidoscope Cafe & Bakery

Michael Wallace Home & School

Tim Horton's

Waverley Road Health Care

Waverley Road Pharmasave

A huge 'thanks' to each of these businesses for their generous support of the program.

We would also like to thank Nova Scotia Power and Aliant for permission to attach the flag holding buckets to their poles.

As well, a special thank you to Andrew Younger, Councillor East Dartmouth-The Lakes for supporting the program and providing the photocopying.

 © 2008 Waverley Road Crosswalk Flags